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Our Mission and Operations Plan:

WeControlCongress ... It's not just an app, it's a movement!

What is the envisioned mission of this web-based application "We Control Congress"?
How the site works currently?
Why this postage oriented method will work and is better than relying on the available digital vote metrics approach?
    The Hierarchy Determinate!
    It is a direct function of the site, that you simply CLICK a YES or NO vote on any issue, ideally after gaining some understanding by reading
    either the summary, the text (on govtrack.us) and or an available Citizen's Summary. However ...
  1. We can all agree that not all bills are of equal importance. Renaming a Post Office, while pleasant for a community does not compare to:
    • A Trade agreement.
    • An education, jobs or infrastructure bill
    • A potential for bombing, droning or war.
    • A position on the budget, earmarks, a confirmation.
  2. How then should our reps determine what is important, or more important to you/us?
  3. Our position on expressing how "We the People" are putting "Skin in the Game" is represented by the cost of postage. This represents an effort of minimal but deliberate action and small cost ($0.49) which, for a jobs bill by example, is an important and worthy investment by us, indivdually and as a total.
  4. In effect, "Aggregate Metrics Matter". When we, the managing masses, act together we can guide our elected representatives to our benefit over money which seeks to manipulate them without a counter-balance (in many instances the money for most reps is for marketing to tell us how they will or did voted (serving the donor interests or not) so we re-elect them, or specifically for re-election consultants). Now this tool can tell can serve as a more direct measure.
  5. With this site/tool we are managing on a direct level
    • Is your rep registered, and therefore listening
    • Dealing with the necessary volume
      1. There are 3 ways an Elected Official can process the mailed data and read your vote metrics
      2. Free: Register thru the Elected Officials module and view the action reports of citizen votes
          We acknowledge that this is potentially the least reliable true metric because:
        • We can not control how frequently a Citizen may use the Vote key (yet there can be multiple citizens on a single computer/device)
        • We assert that only by mail RECEIVED can any party know precisely the Citizen will/interest,
          therefore the citizen is responsible for posting their bill vote request.
      3. Free: Have Elected Officials staff register and use a Code 128 capable bar-code reader on the Vote Reader module/page to log all received mailings.
      4. Fee: Register and have the WCC team process the data on your behalf.
        • You pay the yearly fee of $12,000 (consider the volume) and we handle the vote readings
        • We will reset your mailer address to the processing center
The bar-code key and metrics:
In support of the populous effort to take back control of our congress?
Areas of action assistance
Membership, our accoutablity and stewardship of resources
Time is on our side, but we have to stay vigilant.
A point on environmental impacts:

A tool such as this, wherein the major focus is a request generated and tracked thru the US postal services can certainly open the question of "the killing of trees, especially in the techno-screen based age of electronic data." Is this an acceptable give and take? For the purpose, I will assert yes.

- WeControlCongress: Site Moderator    

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