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Notable Nine:

HR1464 - Inclusive Prosperity Act of 2015
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: House Ways and Means           
Sponsor: REP Ellison (D) MN
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
HR2811 - Save Oak Flat Act
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: House Natural Resources           
Sponsor: REP Grijalva (D) AZ
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
S1041 - End Polluter Welfare Act of 2015
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: Senate Finance           
Sponsor: SEN Sanders (I) VT
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
HR2143 - EMPOWER Act
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: House Administration           
Sponsor: REP Price (D) NC
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
HR1005 - Renewable Energy Jobs Act
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: House Education and the Workforce           
Sponsor: REP Ruiz (D) CA
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
S1206 - Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Exist Act
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs           
Sponsor: SEN Sanders (I) VT
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
HR525 - Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: House Energy and Commerce           
Sponsor: REP Massie (R) KY
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
S797 - Railroad Infrastructure Financing Improvement Act
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation           
Sponsor: SEN Booker (D) NJ
       MORE INFO →       Please set citizen register to vote!
HR4290 - Puerto Rico Emergency Financial Stability Act of 2015
Current Status: REFERRED
Committee: House Judiciary           
Sponsor: REP Pelosi (D) CA
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Congressional Session: 117th   
January 03, 2021
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This democracy started with a Stamp Act, perhaps we can save democracy with Stamp Action!

Welcome to We Control Congress

Welcome, fellow citizens,to 'We Control Congress'.

This is a forum for direct impact action upon the legislative and executive branches of governance for our country. We take the position, that in the aggregate (totals) a vote has greater standing than a petition, and that united citizens are more powerful than 'Citizens United' (the Supreme Court decision effectively giving money the power of a person's speech). On this premise, the site has three (3) principle functions:

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1. This is a tool to help a citizen contact an elected federal official.

2. We do not ask your political persuasion; The data requested -- your State, zip code, district and user info is required for key construction only.

3. We create anonymous keys for your votes and metrics specifically and will NOT share any of your base data/metrics -- EVER!.

4. The site is a private citizen's patriotic enterprise and is NOT affiliated with any federal, state or local governement body, or political party.

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Welcome, fellow citizen to:
We Control Congress

[A citizens congressional communication tool]

What can, does or should 21st century democracy look like?
Over these years of my adult life I've grown more than concerned about the state of American (and Earth) life in the 21st Century. I've sat on the side-lines for years. Complaining, criticizing and occasionally conceiving ideas only as a back-seat driver or Monday-morning quarterback. And the community and country constructs of healthy life, peace, economic security and social harmony around me have continued to get worse. Louder, sure. Destructive to civil community conversation and action - absolutely! ... So, what's the fix?

Can the concerned citizen do something to really impact this mass of 300+ million people into actions, conversations and policy for healthy progress and earth life?
Actually, yes!
This is our tool. Join us in using it to full effect. NOTE: WeControlCongress (WCC) is not in any way affiliated, controlled or aided by any federal, state, county or local governing bodies or personnel. This site is created and maintained by a concerned private citizen ... and hopefully a team of co-citizens will join me in its' operation and use. Our weekly download of data is courtesy of and read the mission statement on our full operations plan.).
This web-based application is an organizing way to facilitate our rightful management over our elected federal representatives, their staffs and the legislative/policy discourse. This is more than support to our reps constituency services. This tool helps us help them legislate better, according to our collective needs and interests. No longer does ONE check, or lobbying voice hold more sway and power than our previously silent majority. We need be silent no more.
This is our collective voice. This is our tool ... because this is OUR country. And shared planet.
Healthy, informed individuals with a common purpose, because united citizens beats Citizens United ... McCutcheon, ALEC -- or any money based interest.
[CLICK to read the full WCC mission statement and operations plan ]       OR    CLICK here to Access the How-to navigate and use WCC Tutorial Pages.

The use and process is simple enough:
  1. Set your Citizen Key conditions (use the 7 step Quick Register on the main page right by indicating State, District, ZipCode) nothing else will show, or be shared, then ADD your confirmable USER settings and use the activation email to get properly started.
  2. Select a specific piece of active congressional legislation of interest [actually, as many as you want] and within the site we call them C-CLIP's 'Citizens Congressional Legislative Interest Points' (Get familiar with the site thru the How-to WCC Tutorial).
    • Note: On the C-CLIPS page you can search/view by our Notable Nine, by alpha sort groups or bill code (as HR### for House legislation or S### for Senate bills).
  3. Set a YES or NO vote for how you'd like your reps (House & 2 Senators, or any elected official) to vote on the legislation when in committee or on the floor.
  4. WCC generates a unique bar-code with the bill info, your rep info and your Citizen key.
  5. Print it, Post it and Mail it! {Yes, snail mail -- and here's why:
    A WCC bar-coded vote key, produced when you vote here, is easily readable by you rep's staff in the secure reader module [any standard off-the-shelf bar-code reader will suffice]. Realize that the physical/visual volume is the greatest accounting number and leverage we have. Consider this example: The difference between 1 check for $30,000 and 30,000 district constituents (and others) mailed posts! That's representing 30,000+ citizen votes against 1 special interest entity. And the mailed post adds an interest distinction above and beyond a simple Yes or No Click metric (which is kept internally).
     NOTE: With 435 national districts this is millions of votes on any single issue [target avg. 30K citizens per dist = 39,150,000 {1 rep. + 2 sens.}]. That's $1.50 per bill vote, as our skin in the game.}
Process as many as you want. Focus on the interests important to you. How can we not win by the numbers?

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Official UAT Start date: FALL 2016 -- Target: PRE-ELECTION 2016 Active Launch    
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